Four 18 Architecture


Midfield Meat Administration Hub

In 2104 FOUR18 Architecture were engaged by Midfield Meats to prepare designs for conversion of the original brick abattoir into a new administration hub. The proposal expanded the footprint to house all administrative duties within a single building. During the planning stages of the project it became evident that any extension to the existing building would restrict the truck movements in and out of the site. Consequently the existing was demolished and a new building designed to replicate the facade of the original abattoir. The design brief required our design to be reflective of the 3 elements within Midfields operations – The Farm, The Abattoir, The Export.

These three elements were achieved with open, high bay form of the building and use of corrugated iron (The Farm), the replication of the existing building (The Abattoir) and the use of shipping containers to expand the footprint outside the original building form (The Export).